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At Kente Property Management, we offer full-service management for multi-residential, retail, and commercial properties in and around the Quinte area. We are based in Belleville, Ontario, and serve the surrounding regions. We are an experienced and caring team that can help manage your rental property and help people in our community find the perfect place to rent.    

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At Kente Property Management we help property owners manage their properties by finding tenants, taking care of maintenance, providing emergency contact, and dealing with collections to create a stress-free experience for property owners.


We also help people in our community find the perfect place to rent whether it be for a residential property or commercial building we have you covered.  

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We care about the people in our community that's why we do everything we can to help them either find the perfect place to rent or take care of their rental property. We continue to support all our clients by providing support whether it be navigating the rules and regulations, providing 24/7 emergency support, or just and by answering any questions you might have. 

Services We Offer 



We specialize in residential rentals and can help you manage your rental property by finding tenants, taking care of maintenance and collections. We also offer listings for tenants looking to rent. 



We offer commercial rental services, whether it be helping clients find a commercial property for their business or finding tenants for a property owner. 


House Sitting


We take care of your home while you are away by providing regular inspections so you can keep your property protected and insured while you enjoy your time away.  



We take care of property maintenance so your investment stays protected and our tenants stay comfortable. 

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We offer Property Management services to both commercial and residential units   


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Katelynn B.

Theresa from this company has been hands down the easiest person to deal with. She is always readily available if you have any questions and always ready to tackle a situation. This was my first time moving out on my own and she made the whole transition run as smoothly as possible. I couldn’t recommend anyone else! Rent prices are great and service is even better!

What our clients say


Al W.

First class outfit. Rented a beautiful unit through them that I used as a home base when I was back from numerous overseas assignments. Always professional, prompt communications. One or two issues with the unit I had, they dispatched service personnel immediately. Highly rated from a tenant perspective.


Kyle R.

I rent from Kente and would recommend them to family or friends. I've never missed rent and am treated with the utmost respect. From my experience the angry and disruptive tenants are the ones that are late on their rent and do not keep a clean unit. Any property manager would be upset with that. Unfortunately those types of tenants exist in most buildings. Keep up the good work Kente!